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A Photograph of Doan Brook by David Perelman Hall

Thursday, August 09, 2012
A Photograph of Doan Brook

In spring
I scout the brook too early
to photograph green,

my favorite camera
dangling hopefully
from my shoulder while April

continues fingering winter,
kneading stiff bare clay
for the rising of May,

so that this unleashed world
starts to dither my spirits
in grades of grey.

My presence in the gorge
surprises the water strider,
solitary and early too.

Tumbled runes incline between us,
marked with early moss
budding through last year's moss.

Hunkering overhead, I shift a
truculent shape among clouds,
disturbing the calm at the bank.

My apparition strides
the forest surface, sending
it fleeing on the wet mirror

into ripples, waves, cascades,
shuffling short of slipping away
underneath the flood. Once

motionless among trees,
I taper from memory
until worry-less and free

it skits relieved to placid pool,
a many-legged partner
dancing on swirls of mercury.

We react like marionettes
suspended from strings
snagged between our worlds,

dangling as the shallows spill
through the tall, empty
legs of tree shadow,

passing our entangled stage,
the safety net
of rooted windings,

wet stones, drizzled leaves,
infant fronds furled
in the muck. Strands ripple

like line in the wind
over the bowl of Doan Brook,
fluttering down the path, wild leaves

tumble from their husk
in the cover of the sky.
Across this exaggerated terrain

the brook's water throws back
the mulatto lights of April,
and purls among trees

a boundless prelude that thrusts
its tremolo like a sword
right through thought, exposing

the sharp candor now
constantly tumbling
past my open shutter.

cicada song

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

as the evening wanes and night looms ever darker
across the striated steel of cleveland's skyline,