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The Doan Brook Handbook

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Download and read the full Doan Brook Handbook by Cleveland Heights author Laura C. Gooch. The online book is broken out into individual chapters, appendixes and index which cover the cultural and physical history of the watershed, plus scientific data, and maps.

Cover          Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Introduction to Doan Brook

Chapter 2    The Hand of Man: The Human History of Doan Brook

Chapter 3    The Shape of the Brook: Physical Features that Form the Stream

Chapter 4    Who Else Lives Here? The Natural Environment of the Brook

Chapter 5    The Urban Brook

Chapter 6    Is it Polluted? Water Quality in the Brook

Chapter 7    The Brook in the Rain: The Hydrology of the Doan

Chapter 8    What Can We Do? Doan Brook Restoration

Chapter 9    The Future of the Doan: The Need for Watershed Management


Glossary of Terms 

Annotated Bibliography

Appendix A    A General Tour of Doan Brook

Appendix B    An Outline of Doan Brook History

Appendix C    Doan Brook History: A Watershed History Tour

Appendix D    Doan Brook Watershed Cultural Institutions

Appendix E    Doan Brook Geology and Soils

Appendix F    A Geologic Doan Brook Tour

Appendix G    Doan Brook Biology Data

Appendix H    Doan Brook Hydrology Data

Appendix I    Doan Brook Water Quality Data

Appendix J    Watershed Restoration Techniques for Doan Brook


Copyright © 2001 Laura C. Gooch. Published by the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, Cleveland, Ohio. Readers are encouraged to use the material in this guide and, in most cases, the publisher will gladly give permission for reproduction for educational, non-commercial purposes.