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Free Stormwater Evaluations

Monday, October 03, 2016

The NEORSD stormwater program is up and running, and that's good news for Doan Brook and Lake Erie! The regional stormwater management program addresses problems related to stormwater runoff from hard surfaces, runoff that contributes to flooding, erosion, and other water quality issues. Part of the program is a fee assessed based on total square footage of impervious surface, and NEORSD has a credit available to incentivize homeowners and businesses to take steps on their own properties to manage stormwater. 

Not sure how to qualify for a credit on your stormwater bill? Looking for advice on rain barrels, rain gardens, and vegetated swales? We can help! Doan Brook Watershed Partnership is offering free stormwater evaluations for residents of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights (our three watershed cities). Call us at 216-325-7781 to schedule an evaluation.