Volunteer Opportunities

Storm drain stenciling on specified Saturdays in the summer, or organized for your own group on your own time...

Annual Spring Stream Sweep... CWRU students pull debris from the Lower Doan watershed during Stream Sweep 2011. 

Give Doan Brook a Helping Hand

Whether you’re interested in community education and outreach, brook restoration, or behind the scenes administration, we welcome your help and support!

Please complete the form below with your areas of interest. Questions about volunteer opportunities? Contact us at 216-325-7781 or info@doanbrookpartnership.org.


Yes! I would like to volunteer my time to support the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership.

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Stream bank clean-up
Water quality monitoring
Habitat restoration: remove invasive species and plant natives
Tree planting
Storm drain stenciling
Assisting at community events
General office help

Family Fishing Day
Take to the Lake
Annual Stream Sweep