Doan Brook Watershed Projects

Learn about partnership conservation and restoration projects; currently in-action, as well as completed projects with results.

Ohio EPA 319 Grant, 2002-2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Benthic stream monitoringFrom 2002 - 2006, the DBWP administered $457,625 with the general goal to improve water quality in the Doan Brook watershed. $252,923 was provided through Federal (319) funds and $204,702 was granted from local match funds. Specific goals included the reduction of non-point source pollution through pollution prevention education, volunteer participation and implementation of stream restoration.

Partial list of key outcomes:

a) Over 4,000 students participated in a Doan Brook watershed course, taught over three visits (once each season) to the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes and Doan Brook.
b) Volunteers stenciled thousands of storm drains within the watershed to raise awareness on pollution from stormwater runoff,  and monitored the Brook for three years.
c) Several thousand residents partook in the Laudable Lawns and Home Habitats program that taught organic lawncare, wise water use, rain barrel construction, rain garden construction, composting, alternative ground covers, planting with natives and more.
d) Water quality monitoring conducted by John Carroll University resulted in the detection of pollution leaks into the sanitary sewers.
e) Three stream sites along the South Branch of the Doan Brook, totaling 1000’ in length,  were restored to improve riffle, runs and pool habitats as well as streambank vegetation.